Computer Recycling

IT Waste Disposal for Households

Click here for a list of Civic Amenity sites in London with license to accept redundant IT from residents.

Every local authority provides an 'approved facility' for electronic waste and provided that you take it there yourself, should be free for domestic householders. This is paid for out of your Council Tax. Click here for some options we know about in London.

All commercial waste must be paid for. Please bear in mind that Data Destruction and Reuse are not likely to be an option at Civic Amenity Sites and standards of recycling vary considerably. Ask what documentation you will be issued with and what data destruction standards are guaranteed.

Can I drop stuff off to you?

Comm-Tech works from a small office in Streatham, South London. We cannot accept equipment here unless by prior arrangement. Most welcome are i3 and higher, TFT screens and small items such as routers, cameras, trackpads etc. For these we may even waive our re-use suggested donation.

Please ring 020 8671 5555 first to discuss it with our recycling manager, or email

We will still ask for a donation of five pounds per computer and ten for a regular CRT (not flat screen) monitor to cover the costs involved in re-use.

Look, just get this stuff OUT OF HERE

Comm-Tech are proud to offer what we believe is a uniquely green computer collection service and may even be able to employ cycle trailer collection service from time to time.

Email or call for further details and we shall be glad to help.

Use our Commercial Disposal services.