Computer Recycling and Reuse

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you interested in my old equipment?

What we can reuse will always change over time and we make every attempt to reuse all we receive. However there are some items where it is just not feasable such as CRT screens and most inkjet printers. As a basic guideline a computer needs to have a P4 CPU with a clock speed higher than 2.2GHz or with "multi-core" or "HT" technology. For broken computers and older models we will still reuse components like memory and Hard Drives (after proper data destruction, of course). This service is necessarily labour intensive and although we keep costs as low as we can this does mean we need a donation to cover our costs.

Can you collect?

We operate a professional collections service for businesses and will provide a quote on receipt of the inventory for collection. For domestic collections we will always try to help, but we will have to charge to cover our costs.

What will it cost?

We will always quote before collection. The location and size of collection will affect the cost. As a basic quide for domestic customer the basic collection cost is likely to be from £40 to £55(+VAT).

Can I bring equipment to you?

We welcome domestic and small amounts of office equipment brought to us by prior arrangement. For this service donations required to cover costs will depend on how reusable the equipment may be, but as a basic quide allow £5 per PC/printer and £10 for any CRT monitors/£5 for any flat screens. Included in this service is the assurance of proper data destruction and reuse wherever possible.

Computer Re-use

As software gets more demanding, hardware needs to keep pace. Business, Local Authority and Government departments involved with large Software providers find it most economical to replace their equipment every few years with new. Comm-tech can ensure that discarded equipment is re-used for charitable purposes wherever possible.

We provide a complete reuse service, from collection, data destruction, certification and CSR materials. Click here for more info.

Computer Recycling / IT Waste disposal

Some equipment of course is broken or just too old for re-use. Comm-Tech works to ensure such redundant IT equipment is recycled appropriately, preventing toxic metals from entering the solid waste stream. We aim to ensure the maximum reclamation of materials is made from redundant IT, with hazardous components being safely broken down in accordance with environmental legislation (WEEE and ROHS).

We are keen to promote reuse before recycling, and the RESTART PROJECT are keen proponents of this approach.

Domestic users please click here.

Business users please click here.

Further Information

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If you would like to find out more about the hazards of waste electrical equipment see below:

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