Help for Linux newbies

You got here because you are newcomer to Linux and we would like to welcome you to the great community, and give you some pointers about how to make the most of your participation.

Linux people are always keen to help others learn to use Open Source software. That's how most of us learned to use Linux, and we are bound to contribute back to the community. There are hundreds of forums and mailing lists on the web, with hundreads of thousands of contributors, *someone* is going to be able to help with almost any Open Source related problem you encounter and will *make* the time to help you, *gratis*. As you gain experience and confidence you too will find yourself contributing time and effort to help newbies... just you wait and see!

Here are some basic pointers for getting good results from your search for answers:


When you ask Linux people for help you should *always* state the following:

Other stuff to bear in mind when posting:

Search Engines:

Search Engines like google hoover up the contents of forums, websites, how-to's, mailing list archives and blogs everywhere on the internet using "bots". Their software will index the data the bots find against keywords using special algorithms designed to expose good results to you search terms. Look in the "Advanced Search" option on any search engine and learn how to fine-tune your results to get exactly what you need.

More power to the newbies. The Penguin Wants You!