Employing secure passwords

Why use secure passwords?

  • If your server is exposed to the internet (this will be the case if you have remote access) - you can assume that there will be hundreds of hacking attempts on your server EVERY DAY. These attacks are done not by humans but by software. The software uses massive dictionaries of human names and passwords by trying out millions of combinations until something works.
  • Once the software has access to your account it notifies the hackers, who's job it is to hack into your server for access to information stored thereon, emails and the services on your server.

    Why should I be a target

  • How would you like it for all your contacts to be emailed (from you) adverts for Viagra?
  • Theres money in this game, big money. A valid email address can be sold to spammers, fetching up to a pound each. If you have any emails in your systems, they are valuable.
  • We all keep names and addresses of our clients and sometimes, under the Data Protection Act we are legally obliged to take care of this information.

    The consequences

  • Infections and Spam: As well as virus infections, slow computers, disrupted networks, you could end up inadvertently hosting objectionable material like as hardcore pornography. virii or worse
  • Being cut off by your ISP: Have you heard of "botnets" and "zombies"? A breach of your server like this can end up with your ISP shutting you down for participating in DDOS attacks.

    So what do I need to do then?

  • In Windows you can press CTRL-ALT-DEL, and click the button "Change Password"
  • This is what good memorable passwords looks like:
  • This is what a rubbish password looks like:
    your username should NEVER be a part of your password Contact Us to arrange.