Computer not behaving? Don't put up with any more. Our London callout service is charged at 55 per hour. In most cases our engineers have fixed the problem within 2 hours.

Home Callouts

The internet is full of good (and bad!) advice for fixing your computer, but sometimes you'd really rather be getting on with what your good at and leave fixing the computer to the geeks. Our callout system is fast, efficient and our engineers are masters of their craft. See what others have to say about us!

It works like this:

  • You email us with a clear description of the problem
  • We'll get back to you an estimate of the time it will take to fix, or further advice if we can't
  • If you accept, we propose a date/time to come in and do the work
  • Once the visit has taken place, you are emailed an electronic copy of your invoice and a jobsheet detailing EXACTLY what was done, with any advisories the engineer considers to be important.

    If you can't get online to email us about the problem, you can phone instead, the line is often busy but if you leave a clear message, we get back to you quite quickly.

    Further Help

    If a callout is still not for you, take a look at our site map you may find something else that's helpful.